Everything you need to know to start a successful landscaping business.

With an average revenue of $400,800 CAD in 2019, landscaping has proven to be a viable start-up for those budding Canadian entrepreneurs. But, like any new business venture, getting started is often half the battle.

The (harsh) reality is that 36.7% of Canadian start-ups struggle to make it past year three according to Statistics Canada. Economic factors (i.e. unfortunate timing) can be one undoing factor; however, quite often, a failed start-up comes down to poor planning.

The Finning Start-up Series explores the equipment sectors that matter most to prospective entrepreneurs. In this edition, we’ll explore the needs of the aspiring landscaping contractor — how they can successfully distinguish themselves and establish strong foundational roots within a sector teeming with competition and opportunity.

What's Inside

This start-up guide will dive into what landscaping entrepreneurs should consider from day one. Strategies shared will help to guide your business plan and inform your operational decisions during the vital first few months and years of your new venture.

Download this whitepaper to uncover:

  • Key statistics about landscaping opportunities
  • Strategies for scoping your services
  • Extensive equipment advice to help you grow
  • Insight from a successful Canadian start-up