The 797 is the largest mechanical drive dump truck in world!

The first 797 was put into production in 1998 to meet the demand from large-scale mine operators.

The tire size of the 797 is over 13 ft in diameter — that’s more than double the height of two average sized men!

To transport the six tires before assembly, it requires two semi-trailer loads.

The truck is about the size of a two and a half story, 3,800 sq ft house.

Although, it costs a bit more than your average house, with these trucks priced at about $5,000,000 US each. Not bad — when can we move in?

The dump body of the 797 can haul 397,000,000 M&Ms — just make sure they don’t melt!

This portion of the truck is manufactured at Caterpillar Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico, and shipped in component form to the customer site where it is assembled completely.

There have been three series of the truck made — the 797, the 797B and then 797F.

The 797 with the longest hours of operation comes in at more than 130,000 hours. It works hard in Canada’s oil sands.

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